Uncooked Country Ham

67years.jpgFinchville Farms Country Ham is sugar-cured and naturally aged to acquire that genuine Old-fashioned flavor. We Do Not Use Nitrates or Nitrites in the Curing Process. Each ham is hand rubbed with a special blend of salt, sugar, red and black pepper to bring out the finest flavor. Finchville Farms Country Ham is Sugar-cured and naturally aged to a specific weight loss to acquire that genuine old-fashion flavor.   Finchville Farms cures its ham in much the same manner as Italian Prosciutto ham and can easily be substituted for Prosciutto in many recipes.


“Ham is ham”, you say. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. CITY ham, found in most supermarkets, is usually mild tasting with water added. This means the salt and cure are dissolved in water and pumped into the meat. COUNTRY ham is dry-cured, a time honored tradition where the hams are packed in salt and slowly cured and aged. The salt draws out the meat’s moisture, yielding a firmer, very flavorful finished product.